Smoke detectors are one of the most overlooked items in the house yet serve a very important purpose. In order for these detectors to be effective, they should be placed in the best positions around the home. By following these smoke detector placement tips, you’ll create a safer home for your family.

The Best Smoke Detector Placement

Optimal smoke detector placement makes it easier for this device to alert the household at the first signs of smoke.

1. The Proper Distance from the Ceiling

Since smoke rises, it is best to install smoke detectors on the ceiling or no more than 10 inches down from the ceiling. For cathedral ceilings, avoid any corners or edges where the ceiling meets the walls. Try to install the alarm 3 inches from the highest point of the ceiling.

2. Keep a Safe Distance From Cooking Appliances

Smoke detector placement tips suggest that smoke detectors be installed at least 10 feet away from cooking appliances. This will help to prevent the alarm from sounding by accident from cooking activities. It’s still important to have a detector in the kitchen, but it should be kept away from stoves, ovens, and toasters.

3. Smoke Detector Placement in Every Bedroom

Most deadly fires occur when homeowners and their families are asleep. The best way to alert residents when a fire breaks out is to place smoke detectors in every bedroom. Since the bedroom door is often closed, install one in the adjacent hallway too.

For proper smoke detector placement in the bedroom, experts recommend that smoke detectors are 36 inches or more away from the ceiling fan or HVAC vent. You don’t want the air from the fan or the HVAC to interfere with detecting smoke.

4. All Floors of the Home

Multi-level homes should have a smoke detector on every floor of the home. This includes the basement, each level, and the attic if possible. Smoke detectors that are interconnected will help keep family members alert when one or more go off. For the attic, choose a smoke detector designed for extreme temperatures.

5. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While many homeowners know how important it is to install smoke detectors in the house, they often don’t show the same level of attention to carbon monoxide detectors. However, carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can enter the home. Carbon monoxide detectors alert people to leave the home if CO is detected. These detectors should be placed on each level of your home at a height of 5 feet above the floor.

The best way to protect your household in the event of a fire is to have functioning smoke detectors that are well-positioned throughout the home. Follow the above tips so that your smoke detectors are able to effectively do their job.

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