Buying a home comes with more expenses than just mortgage payments. There are other costs involved with owning a house that you’ll need to plan for. It is important to know about home maintenance costs that may surprise first-time home buyers.

Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

1. Roof Inspections and Repairs

With maintenance, a new asphalt roof can last approximately 20 years. Each year, hire someone to inspect the roof. The inspector will assess the roof condition and look for damage or wear. Make any needed roof repairs to keep your roof in prime condition. A yearly inspection will also help you determine when you should start saving to replace the roof.

2. HVAC Services

Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance from a professional. Most homeowners don’t have the skills or knowledge to inspect and repair an HVAC system. While changing the filter is an easy DIY task, you should hire someone to do annual or bi-annual maintenance on the equipment.

The HVAC technician will also check your ductwork for damage. Regularly cleaning your ducts will improve your indoor air quality, so this is also a good time to schedule that service. While HVAC maintenance is easy to overlook, it helps your HVAC system last longer, run more efficiently, and will save you money on your energy bills.

3. Landscaping

Each season brings new landscaping tasks. Raking leaves, clearing snow, laying mulch, trimming hedges, and mowing the lawn all require time and tools. Even if you choose to tackle yard work yourself, home maintenance costs include buying and maintaining equipment. You may also encounter more expensive landscaping costs like having a tree removed once you are a homeowner.

4. Home Maintenance Costs Include Security Features

When you purchase a new home, you will be given the same keys that the previous owner used. It’s important to change the locks on your new home for security purposes. Other measures include installing motion sensor lights or even a security system, both of which are optional yet helpful home maintenance costs.

Final Thoughts on Home Maintenance Costs

When buying a home, you may not be aware of all the home maintenance needs of a property. While you know of obvious expenses like homeowners insurance, furniture, and utilities, you may forget about the maintenance tasks outlined above. Plan to put aside some savings to cover any unexpected costs of homeownership.

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